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Hey! My name is Peter and this is my garden supply blog. I spent many years working in Sydney as a human rights lawyer. I loved my job but it didn't leave me very much time to pursue my hobbies. Since I retired, I have been spending more time in my garden. I have always loved plants and flowers so it was a real joy to get out there. However, I realised that I didn't have any of the tools I needed to get my garden into shape. Thankfully, my brother-in-law works at a garden supply centre so he was able to give me some great advice.


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Ways of Making the Most of Crushed Concrete as a Landscaping Supply

Concrete, admittedly, is typically associated with building products. Nonetheless, it is steadily making its way into Australian properties as a landscaping material, particularly in crushed form. Crushed concrete is especially ideal as a landscaping supply since it comprises recycled materials. As a result, it is a great way to update your property while also being environmentally friendly. Additionally, crushed concrete is multifunctional, so you are guaranteed to find numerous ways of incorporating it into your property. The following article highlights three ways of making the most of crushed concrete as a landscaping supply.

Crushed concrete to raise your flowerbeds

If you want your flowers to bloom and stay healthy, you should consider raising their bed. Using crushed concrete to raise flowerbeds is a fantastic way of ensuring that your plants are not over-watered, since this process enhances drainage. Additionally, you could mix the crushed concrete with some mulch to create a warm base that will help with the germination of new flowers, especially when the temperatures drop. After raising the flowerbed, outline the area with more crushed concrete to create a boundary line that will keep the blooms safe from being infringed upon.

Crushed concrete for slip-resistant walkways

Another way that crushed concrete can be highly functional in your landscape is when it is used to create slip-resistant walkways. During the wetter months, the grass on your yard can be quite slick with rain. If you or your children are to take a walk in the garden without any demarcated pathways, you might be at high risk of falling and possibly acquiring serious injuries. Opting to employ crushed concrete to create delineated walkways is an ideal way of preventing this from happening. Moreover, once you have the slip-resistant pathways in place, you are also protecting your turf from being walked on, which in turn helps in keeping the appearance of your landscape pristine.

Crushed concrete to enhance drainage

If your garden is on an incline, it is likely that you have to contend with soil erosion and other drainage issues on a regular basis. Fortunately, crushed concrete is a perfect landscaping supply for this issue. You can employ the crushed concrete in two main ways. First, you could have your landscaping contractors fill gabions with the crushed concrete, and this will mitigate soil erosion on the slope of your property. Secondly, if you have a water feature like a pond, the crushed concrete can be utilised as riprap around the perimeter of the water to prevent the surrounding soil from eroding into the pond.

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