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Hey! My name is Peter and this is my garden supply blog. I spent many years working in Sydney as a human rights lawyer. I loved my job but it didn't leave me very much time to pursue my hobbies. Since I retired, I have been spending more time in my garden. I have always loved plants and flowers so it was a real joy to get out there. However, I realised that I didn't have any of the tools I needed to get my garden into shape. Thankfully, my brother-in-law works at a garden supply centre so he was able to give me some great advice.


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Recommendations to keep your lawn healthy with your ride-on mower

Your lawn is a living and growing plant, which needs fertilizer and regular water and trimming. When you have access to use a ride-on mower, your lawn mowing can be an easier and more enjoyable task. Here are some recommendations to help you get the most out of your ride-on lawnmower to maintain your lawn.

Get to Know Your Maneuvering

When you first start out using your new ride-on lawnmower, you will easily be able to handle your lawn mowing task each week faster and easier. You will use less effort to keep your lawn trimmed and you will also be able to mow more lawn in the same amount of time. And this can mean a more attractive lawn. In the past, if you did not have time to trim off some edges of your lawn because you were pressed for time, now you will have the extra few minutes to make your lawn look professionally done. 

You may want to start out running your riding mower at a slower speed so that you can prevent accidentally mowing over and cutting down any shrubbery or other vegetation you don't want to be mowed. And with careful driving techniques, you will be able to maneuver through and around any obstacles. Once you get the hang of your mower, increase your speed to run your mower at its full capacity. This is better for the mower's engine and will give your lawn the best trim with a fast-moving blade.

Use the Right Mow Pattern

Once you have down your mower's maneuvering, it is time for you to look at different mowing patterns. There are several different mowing patterns you can use on your lawn, which will ensure it is mowed efficiently but also look nice as well. Mowing across your lawn in a back and forth pattern straight over your lawn will give your lawn a striped look that many professional sports fields use to keep the lawn looking nice. And when you are more easily able to maneuver your ride-on mower, you can make the turns to complete a full back and forth pattern.

In addition to looking nice, mowing in different patterns is actually a better way to mow your lawn. Just be sure you vary the direction you mow it each week. For example, mow diagonally across the lawn, then the next week mow horizontally back and forth. When you vary the pattern and direction, you prevent the lawn from growing in a specific direction. 

And adjust your ride-on mower's deck a bit higher to keep the lawn length slightly longer. This will help shade the soil below your lawn to keep the soil moist and your lawn healthier.

Keep these in mind as you look for ride-on mowers